Head of Customer Marketing Platforms at Walgreens Journeys Beyond Consumer Needs


Alyssa Raine lives and breathes the consumer’s world.

The Secret Behind NTWRK CEO’s Success: Asking for Forgiveness


Aaron Levant weighs in on his entrepreneurial learnings, the future of the e-commerce industry, and the most underrated skill in marketers today.

How Delta Air Lines’ Digital GM Innovates With An Almost Century-Old Brand


With newly enforced COVID-19 regulations, Akhil Anumolu and Delta Air Line’s Digital team had to reply quickly. Read how Delta has leveraged digital to deliver personal travel journey experiences amid […]

Why Evian’s Shweta Harit Says Purpose is Action, Not a Point of View

Shweta Harit has had an impressive career, spending the last two decades working for purpose-led brands across the Unilever, Kellogg and Danone portfolios. Four years ago, Shweta joined Danone as […]

What Aperture Investors CMO Took From His Time at MTV and Roc Nation to the Investing World

There are many things that Matt Siegel, CMO of Aperture Investors, learned at Harvard but in actuality, he attributes most of his successful marketing career to two cultural staples: MTV and Jay-Z. Before overseeing marketing, sales, distribution and client […]

Google’s Head of Social Lab Urges Brands to Listen More Actively

Santiago Pochat, Head of Social Lab at Google, delves into how his team is leaning into emerging social trends to promote well-being and shares advice on how brands can avoid […]

How The Trade Desk’s Crystal Eastman Fosters Curiosity and ‘Joyful Experimentation’

Head of Global Marketing at The Trade Desk on exploring digital innovation that marketers used to only dream about, what she’s learned from jobs that others wouldn’t take on, and […]

Sony Music UK’s Dorothy Hui on Social-Fueled Discovery and the Rise of Voice

The newly-promoted SVP of Digital and Audience Development at Sony Music UK shares the value of platforms like TikTok for music discovery (and re-discovery) and voice technology for audience engagement.

8 Must-Have Marketing Skills for a Modern Day Resume


Adweek’s brand marketing community chimes in with the most valuable skills for marketers—including empathy, resiliency and focus— for today and moving forward.

Whatsapp’s Head of Brand on Shamelessly Chasing Your Passions

Eshan Ponnadurai shares his proudest work from his time at Google, Youtube, Uber and now Whatsapp, plus why true reward comes from taking risks.

How Activision’s Justin Taylor Leverages Listening to Fuel the Future of Gaming

Director of Digital Marketing for Activision shares the importance of collaboration, how his team is experimenting with AR and the valuable advice Kobe Bryant once gave him.

YETI VP Paulie Dery on Reveling in Risk and Building Brands Through Community

The 17-year creative veteran shares the importance of avoiding mediocrity and how the brand is experimenting with in-house content.

Twitter’s Head of Content on Leaning Into Levity Right Now

Ryan Brown shares how he went from Coordinator to Head of Content at Twitter and how his team is keeping the platform’s content light, yet impactful.

Grubhub Brand VP on Being a Source for Good and Growth

Grubhub Brand and Creative VP Jessica Burns shares how she’s leading the brand’s strategy pivot amidst Coronavirus to drive immediate impact.

How HP’s Gene Paek Blends Creativity With Innovation

Gene Paek, HP’s Global Head of Digital Experience and Innovation shares the importance of blending creativity with technology and leaning into diverse teams.

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