Sid Jatia
Head of Global Ecommerce

The Shift from eCommerce to Digital Commerce (And Why Retailers Need to Know the Difference)


Sid Jatia is the Vice President of Global eCommerce at Under Armour but if you ask him, consumer buying behaviors have shifted so much that the term eCommerce is no longer an accurate description of his role. We’ve now moved into the age of digital commerce where the most successful brands are creating complete shopping experiences across all channels. In fact, cultivating consumer desire is such a priority for Under Armour that every employee, every business unit, and every channel now has direct accountability for customer engagement.

Sid believes that there’s never been a more exciting time to be a marketer – especially in an industry evolving as quickly as retail. Watch the clips below for some incredible insights about their customers, his approach to innovation at Under Armour, and what makes him nervous (and excited) as a marketer today.

The Shift from “Buying” to “Shopping”

Innovation at Under Armour

Engaging Customers at Every Level

What do you love about being a marketer right now?