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Celebrating Creativity at Media Plan Of the Year

Media Plan of the Year

Adweek and The Trade Desk honor 2019’s winners at placeiq.

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Family-owned Smarties Keeps the Nostalgia Brand Rolling


Keeping Grandpa's candy recipe continues pastel pellet production.

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Craft Worldwide’s CTO Helped Coke and Harry Potter Innovate


Jason Snyder has always been on the cutting edge.

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Infographic: Consumers Aren’t Sure They Want Brands to Get Political

Data Points

Nearly half can’t say whether they’d switch over opposing views.

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Esports Brands Are Now Focusing on Maintaining Players’ Health


The unpredictable, exhausting games often lead to burnout.

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Patent Filings for Generative AI Have Grown 500% This Year as Brands Test Its Potential

Artificial Intelligence

Tech companies and consumer brands alike are experimenting with GANs.

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After Wrapping Big Bang, Chuck Lorre Is Still Making a Big Impact on Broadcast—and Streaming

Hot List

Adweek's TV Creator of the Year is juggling 4 shows and planning his next big move

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Netflix’s Cindy Holland Relies on Data and Gut Instinct to Disrupt the TV Industry

Streaming & OTT

"There's definitely no formula for success," says Adweek's TV Executive of the Year.