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Patrick Kulp

Patrick Kulp is an emerging tech reporter at Adweek. He covers creative innovation, artificial intelligence and the future of 5G, which culminated in a cover story on AT&T and Verizon's strategic plans for 5G. Patrick holds degrees in economics and political science from UC Santa Barbara. He previously worked as a business reporter for Mashable.

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Deepfakes At The Gas Pump Scares Up Data Privacy Awareness


The video is part of a follow-up campaign to viral 2011 stunt "Take This Lollipop."

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Digital Audio Continues To Rise Despite Mobile Stagnation


The company's new audio trends report finds that listenership is still growing despite flagging mobile numbers.

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With A Wink, Agency Claims ‘Credit’ Pence Viral Fly Moment


In the parody, the bug was a mechanical plant meant to distract from the VP's words.

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This Startup Aims to Help SMBs Survive Covid Via Voice Apps


Voice platform adoption is growing during the pandemic.

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Apple’s iPhone 12 Marks a Mainstream Breakthrough for 5G Technology


But current 5G speeds are still far from reaching full potential.

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Kroger Uses AI to Match a Picture of Your Fridge Shelf with a Recipe

Brand Marketing

Kroger's 'Chefbot' uses computer vision to pair ingredients with recipes.

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This Betty Crocker Cake Mix Educates You on T-Mobile’s 5G Network


The "un-carrier" is using the limited-time cake to explain its broadband strategy.

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Slack’s New Spot Celebrates the Range of Remote Work Situations Beyond the Home


The workplace chat app has shifted its focus from "working from home" to "working from wherever."

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IBM Announces Three New Ad Tools to Help Marketers Move Beyond Cookies

Ad Tech & Mar Tech

The tech giant is beefing up its new suite of AI-powered ad services.