Patrick Kulp

Patrick Kulp

Emerging Tech Reporter
Patrick Kulp is an emerging tech reporter at Adweek. He covers creative innovation, artificial intelligence and the future of 5G, which culminated in a cover story on AT&T and Verizon's strategic plans for 5G. Patrick holds degrees in economics and political science from UC Santa Barbara. He previously worked as a business reporter for Mashable.

New Digital Studio Lets Brands Build Their Own Realistic Human Avatars Powered by AI

Soul Machines is releasing a new brand studio that lets clients build realistic human avatars.

This New App Wants to Connect Food Service Workers With Available Gigs

ClockedIn wants to be a LinkedIn for wage workers with an Uber-like marketplace.

This Experimental Adobe Feature Lets Online Shoppers Virtually Try on Clothes With AI

The machine learning tool fits the garment to the shape and pose of a person's image.

LED Technique Created for Sci-Fi Could Provide an Alternative for Film Crews Limited by Lockdowns

A lighting technique pioneered for the film Gravity could be of use to small-scale video crews.

OOH Metrics Firm’s Data Shows More Outdoor Activity Across the U.S.

Billups is seeing a rise in walking and driving traffic compared to April.

GoDaddy Looks to Rally Small Business Founders Through Hard Times

GoDaddy is spotlighting entrepreneurs who succeeded in starting companies during recessions or depressions.

This Agency Created a Self-Sanitizing Shopping Cart Handle

Geometery MENA, Barrows and Unilever Lifebuoy are behind the innovation.

This Office Rental Startup Held a Hackathon to Brainstorm Ways to Return to Work Safely

Commercial real estate startup SquareFoot is looking for creative ways to bring workers back.

Wunderman Thompson Releases 8 Hours of Agency Office Noise on SoundCloud

Wunderman Thompson wants to remind you what office like was like.

Tribeca Film Festival Campaign Has People Casting Colorful, Moving Avatars in AR Videos

The Tribeca Film Festival is turning to augmented reality to keep people engaged with the idea of filmmaking.