Navigate the Complex Brand-Creator Relationship

Tue, May 14, 2024 1:00 PM ET

More and more businesses are turning to third-party creators, influencers and affiliates to fuel their growth, and establishing mutually beneficial long-term relationships is critical. But what do brands need to do to keep creators happy? And what do creators want from their relationships with brands? Hint: Creative authenticity and on-time payments come into play.

Discover everything that brands and creators should keep in mind to ensure a successful working relationship from leaders at LinkedIn influencer agency Creator Authority, We Are Verified and social commerce creator Orca. You’ll find out:  

  • Industry best practices right now that those getting into the space need to be aware of
  • What both parties needs out of the relationship in order to be happy
  • Strategies to create long-term brand partnerships and revenue streams, and ensure ROI

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Photo of the speaker, Brendan Gahan, in the webinar

Brendan Gahan

CEO and Co-Founder, Creator Authority

Photo of the speaker, Phil Ranta, in the webinar

Phil Ranta

COO, Fixated

Photo of the speaker, Max Benator, in the webinar

Max Benator

CEO and Co-Founder, Orca


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