After Wrapping Big Bang, Chuck Lorre Is Still Making a Big Impact on Broadcast—and Streaming

Adweek's TV Creator of the Year is juggling 4 shows and planning his next big move

Don’t let his impressive resume fool you. Yes, Chuck Lorre has created or co-created hit sitcoms like Grace Under Fire, Dharma and Greg, Two and a Half Men and The Big Bang Theory during the past two decades, but just because the writer-producer gets a show on the air doesn’t mean he has cracked the code of what makes that series tick. “It takes a while to figure out what you’re doing,” says Lorre. “I didn’t know what Mom was for about two years. I didn’t find out the tone and the nature of the ensemble on Bang for a couple of seasons. We were hunting and pecking in the dark, trying to figure out, what is this? It’s fun, but it’s also unbelievably stressful, because if you guess wrong, the show’s over.”

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