Kelsey Sutton

Study: Marketers Want More Demographic Data—But Only If It’s High Quality

Data accuracy was most important factor among brand marketers.

Facebook Will ‘Figure Out’ Ads on WhatsApp but Is Focusing on Business Tools for Now

The social network's vice president of business and marketing partnerships wouldn’t rule out the possibility of advertising on the messaging platform.

What AT&T’s Acquisition of AppNexus Means

The deal, reportedly worth around $1.6 billion, will bring the tech company's digital advertising capabilities under the telecom giant's expanding roof.

This Blockchain-Powered Podcast Allows Listeners to Pay for Content That Matters to Them

The podcast ZigZag will partner with Civil, who are applying the emerging technology to the journalism industry.

What Makes a ‘Living Business’? Staying Relevant and Remaining Flexible

According to Accenture, companies risk missing out on $1 trillion in revenue if they aren't.

Trust in Social Media Platforms Is Eroding—and Brands Have a Lot to Lose

About 40 percent of digitally connected people worldwide said they had deleted at least one of their social media accounts in the past year because they didn’t trust that the platform would properly handle personal information.

YouTube is Running Ads for Major Brands on Fake Medical News Videos

Objectionable content is still slipping through the site's safeguards.

Advertisers Are More Concerned Than Ever About Brand Safety, According to New Study

Nearly half of respondents said social media platforms were doing a poor job addressing advertiser concerns.