Ronan Shields

Ronan Shields

Programmatic Reporter
Ronan Shields is a programmatic reporter at Adweek, focusing on ad-tech.

Privacy Changes Are Making Mobile Advertising More Complicated

The industry is rife with the expectation that Apple and Google will revoke access to mobile device IDs.

404bot Underscores the Ever-Evolving Threat of Ad Fraud

The elaborate bot scheme is deliberately crafted to circumvent Ads.txt safeguards.

Cannes Lions Organizer Ascential Backs Hudson MX With $10 Million Investment

Investment in advanced television start-up adds to its existing interests in the media game such as FlyWheel and MediaLink.

What Are the Prospects of the IAB’s ‘Great Collab’?

The trade org's attempt to harmonize publishing and ad tech is met with willingness—and some dissent.

GumGum Closes $22 Million Funding Round

Plus, veteran CMO Lisa Licht joins the company's board.

The IAB Tech Lab Has a Campaign Strategy to Educate the Public About Ad Tech

The IAB Tech Lab’s plan to overcome the cookie decline includes PSAs to explain the value exchange of content for data.

Ad Tech Is Trying to Rebuild the Industry From the Ground Up

Project Rearc seeks to balance the industry, with discussions underway to rebuild the cookie.

How Ad Tech Is Bracing for Life After the Cookie

Following Google's announcement that Chrome will no longer support third-party cookies, the ad-tech industry is preparing for the change.

How The New York Times Is Revising Its Digital Playbook

The publisher plans to launch new ad tools based on first-party data in mid-2020.

The Sole Ad-Tech Player Riding the Privacy Wave

“We see industry change as a euphemism for LiveRamp opportunity,” says CEO Scott Howe.