Ronan Shields

Ronan Shields

Programmatic Reporter
Ronan Shields is a programmatic reporter at Adweek, focusing on ad-tech.

Understanding the Massive Scale of Amazon, Google, Apple and Facebook

Professor Scott Galloway says governments will never be able to catch up with Big Tech engineers, and they need to be broken up.

Apple Reports Increase in Q2 Revenue Across Products and Services

It topped $59.7 billion in the quarter ending in June despite ad revenue declining due to Covid-19.

5 Memorable Takeaways From Professor Scott Galloway’s NexTech Tour de Force

How advertising ‘sucks’ and why Big Tech must be broken up.

How Google’s Ad Stack Works and Why Regulators Are Probing Its Dominance

U.S. regulators are looking into Google. Here's what they are searching for.

After the Cookie, Kochava and LiveIntent Bet on First-Party Data

Time has been called on third-party cookies, and soon MAIDs will be gone too. Two companies are betting on first-party data.

Media Industry Awaits the Impact of Apple’s Upcoming iOS 14

Apple revealed the consumer features for iOS 14, but the consequences for a $45 billion industry remain unclear.

The U.S. Is on Board, but Will Taboola-Outbrain Merger Hold up to Global Scrutiny?

The merged recommendation platforms would take on an increasingly scrutinized Big Tech.

DOJ Green Lights Proposed Outbrain and Taboola Merger

Combining forces will help it go up against the duopoly of Facebook and Google.

S4 Capital Hopes to Raise $126 Million to Further Expand Through Mergers

Martin Sorrell's operation hunts for M&A possibilities since 'now is not the time to slow down.'

As Holding Companies Spend Big on Data, IPG Unveils ConneCXions

ConneCXions is the result of IPG's $2.3 billion acquisition of Acxiom.