Ronan Shields

Ronan Shields

Ronan Shields is a reporter for Adweek, focusing on ad-tech.

How the CTV Sector Is Bracing Itself for the Upcoming Privacy Overhaul

Tech providers step in to help the TV sector juggle opportunity and responsibility.

Twitter Pauses Phone Number Matching After Security Lapse

Contact information provided by users to keep their accounts safe was used by marketers to target advertising.

The Trade Desk’s First Chief Trust Officer on Providing Assurance in an Era of Uncertainty  

'We all agree that grading your own homework isn’t fair.'

When Two of the Biggest Names in Ad Tech Merge, What Comes Next?

The Taboola and Outbrain merger has been pegged as potential precursor to IPO, but erosion of competition concerns publishers.

Outbrain and Taboola to Merge

Adam Singolda of Taboola will head up the joint venture under his company's name until an upcoming rebrand.

87% of Consumers Would Opt Out of Ad Targeting Under CCPA Terms

Research shows hardened public attitudes about selling data, but rewards help.

How Ad Tech Is Grappling With Consumer Consent Issues

Changes are coming next year.

Brand Safety Worries Are Hurting News Publishers Ahead of 2020 Election

Even the best journalism is having trouble attracting advertising dollars, but an ad-tech solution is in the works.

As Privacy Concerns Make the Internet More Opaque, Can Ad Tech Keep Its Promise?

New regulations have spurred a whirlwind of accountability proposals. Can ad tech continue to grow as the free flow of personal data is cut off?

As GDPR Rocks the EU Ad-Tech World, Vendors Must Learn to Adapt

Regulators have been forced to push back against some industry giants.