Mitch Reames

Mitch Reames

Mitch Reames is a freelance writer based in southern Oregon. A 2017 graduate of the University of Oregon school of journalism and communications, Reames covers a wide range of industry topics including creativity, agencies, brands, esports and more.

From Escapism to Activism: How Animal Crossing Became a Warm Reflection of 2020

#GlobalPrideCrossing highlights how social movements and brands have come into the game.

Even Without Fans in the Stands, Nascar Could Rake in Over $140 Million

The added whitespace in the bleachers is an incredibly lucrative brand advertising opportunity, according to GumGum Sports.

Nike and Jordan Logos Appear Over 100 Times in a Single Episode of The Last Dance

The exposure generates bump in brand value for both brands and others, like Gatorade and McDonald's.

To Connect With Gen Z, BMW Turns the Keys Over to Esports Organizations

The carmaker is playing up rivalries among five top esports organizations around the world.

Why Major League Soccer Is Bullish About Its Upcoming Esports Tournament

Lessons from Nascar and the NBA have guided its planning.

This Agency Brings a Virtual Slice of Las Vegas to Your Next Zoom Gathering

R&R Partners creates high-quality videos and stills to inject more life into the videoconferencing platform.

Formula 1 and Nascar Create a Roadmap for Esports Success in the Coronavirus Age

Both race organizers put on popular virtual events last weekend and have tied in linear TV, too.

Gamers Are Fighting Misinformation About Coronavirus Crisis

Gamers vs. COVID-19 is a massive push to inform younger audiences.

Over 75 Pro Athletes Come Together in 36 Hours for Coronavirus Fundraiser

Fans can win donated memorabilia on Athletes for COVID-19 Relief.

As Traditional Sports Leagues Pause During the Coronavirus, Esports Could Fill Some Gaps

Many esports already take place online, so backup plans are more readily available.