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Cabbage Patch Kids Are the Babies Anyone Can Adopt


They drove shoppers to riot in 1983, and people still love them.

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Off the Clock: How Sir John Hegarty’s Love of Wine Led to a Business Venture

Off the Clock

The advertising legend founded Hegarty Chamans with wife Philippa Crane.

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Shiv Gupta Embraced Education to Become an Ad-Tech Entrepreneur

Lessons Learned

The U of Digital founder on taking a more personal approach to tech sales.

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Infographic: What Customers Want From Loyalty Programs

Data Points

Discounts are important, but they're not the only thing that keeps people coming back.

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The New Power Couple: How CMOs and CTOs Can Drive Innovation Together


Building a foundation for a strong, unified marketing strategy.

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The Adweek 50: Honoring Indispensable, Behind-the-Scenes Business Leaders

The Adweek 50

Executives who are innovating, collaborating and driving results.

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Creators and Brands Can Showcase Parenthood With More Nuanced Narratives

Influencers & Creators

Marketers benefit from embracing multifaceted identities.

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Naomi Osaka Built a Business Empire, and a Family, in Time Off From Tennis

Sports Marketing News

With a 2024 tour return, the phenom builds brands with a winning team.

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Adweek Research: Quantifying the Impact of Collaboration

Practical Insights

These principles distinguish top-performing CMO collaborators from their less successful peers.

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It’s Time Agency Teams Had a Direct Line to the Client CEO


A closer working relationship could lead to transformative results.