Paul Hiebert

Paul Hiebert

CPG Reporter
Paul Hiebert is a CPG reporter at Adweek, where he focuses on data-driven stories that help illustrate changes in consumer behavior and sentiment. He has a background in market research, and his writing has appeared in The New Yorker, The Atlantic and Slate.

2020 Olympic Brand Partners Play Waiting Game Over Coronavirus

IOC partners include Visa, Bridgestone, P&G, Airbnb and more.

Demand for Hand Sanitizer and Disinfecting Wipes Goes Viral Amid Coronavirus Scare

With the coronavirus featured prominently in the news, people are looking to protect themselves.

The Story Behind Clorox’s Mystery Recording Artist CLRX

The online persona known as CLRX came to be through a partnership between The Clorox Company and Brand Synergy Group.

How Makers of Beef Jerky and Slim Jim Are Finding Success Through the Keto Diet

Manufacturers are trying to lean into the trend.

This Social Media Strategist Says Training as a Doctor Made Him a Better Marketer

Online networker Moshe Isaacian of Laundry Service hasn't looked back after leaving medicine and joining Laundry Service.

Road to Challenger Brands: Why Moving Slowly Can Get Brands Further

DTC companies can have blind spots when it comes to understanding consumers outside of their space.

Kraft Heinz Is Reducing Its Agencies by Half

The company plans to cut the number of agencies it works with in half, while boosting its consumer-facing marketing efforts.

Road to Challenger Brands: Customers as Tribes, Stores as Churches

DTC companies should get into retail because the physical manifestation of a brand helps build community.

Del Monte’s Quest to Change How Americans Feel About Canned Produce

The view that fresh fruits and vegetables are healthy, while frozen and canned are not, is a problem for companies like Del Monte.

Road to Challenger Brands: Not All DTC Brands Need a Store

Ahead of Adweek’s Challenger Brands summit, we spoke with Kantar's Bryan Gildenberg about direct-to-consumer strategy.