No, Popeyes Isn’t Making Pizza. In Fact, It Wants to Intercept Your Pizza Order

The chain's new stunt from Gut offers to trade family chicken combos for pizzas.

Animated Animals Show Off to Support Water Brand Vittel’s Biodiversity Pledge

Ogilvy Paris' campaign features a slam-dunking squirrel, boxing bees and a break-dancing ladybug.

The Long, Strange Story of Big Boy, the Latest Mascot to Lose a Job

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With Swedes Unable to Travel, Burger King Turns Their Passports Into Loyalty Cards

One stamp equals one free burger. But it comes with a pretty big caveat.

Stella Artois Creates Gorgeous Street Art That Cleverly Helps Friends Social Distance

Circles, flowing lines and bright, contrasting colors handily show people where to sit while maintaining ample space.

Carlsberg Welcomes Brits Back to Pubs for Their First Long-Awaited, Socially Distant Pints

Agency Fold7 marks the end of the U.K.'s monthslong lockdown.

KFC Malaysia Makes 86-Track Playlist, Marking Each Day Its Stores Were Closed

Agency Naga DDB Tribal serenades KFC customers as restaurants reopen after a long lockdown.

Lithuania Has a Secret Weapon for Tourism Success: Cold, Pink Soup

Šaltibarščiai is a source of culinary pride, and now it's fueling the Baltic country's marketing.

White Castle’s Latest Marketing Move Riffs on a Time-Honored Strategy

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