What a Decentralized Web Means for Digital Advertising

The prognosis for ad tech is not good.

4 Ad-Tech Stories You Need to Know This Week

M&A continues in the sector but not at the heady heights of yesteryear, exchanges pledge further transparency.

How to Avoid Being Scammed by Bid Caching Schemes

Brands need to demand the transparency they deserve.

Tenjin and Are Becoming Snapchat Mobile Measurement Partners

They will help boost ROI for app-install campaigns.

Should Walled Gardens Lose the Walls and Become Community Gardens?

Opinion: Platforms want marketers to have visibility, but not without some boundaries.

Facebook Launched Retention Optimization for All Advertisers Worldwide

Marketers can deliver ads to users most likely to re-engage with their apps.

DataXu Seeks $300 Million Exit

Video-centric DSP appoints GCA Advisors to seek potential sale options

Facebook Is Making Some Changes to Its Branded Content Tag

Brand Collabs Manager is being rolled out in more countries.

Tribune Inks Deal With Lotame to Better Mine Its First-Party Data

Tribune Publishing is the debut client for the offering.

5 Major Themes from This Year’s Programmatic I/O Conference

What’s on the minds of professionals in the programmatic space? If the conversations at Tuesday’s Programmatic I/O conference in New York are any indication: in-housing, AI applications and the future of […]