Brand Marketing

Facebook Enlists Celeb Moms to Charm You Into Calling Your Mother More With Portal

The spot features moms of Jonah Hill, Serena Williams, Dwayne Johnson and more.

Researchers Find That an Intense Guilt Trip in Advertising Turns Consumers Off to Brands

Cause-related marketing needs to balance a fine line.

Create & Cultivate Founder Built a Business on the Belief That Female Entrepreneurs Deserve the Influencer Treatment

The company was born out of desire to put on fun—not stodgy—events for women.

Redefining the Car Buying Experience to Make It More Personalized

It doesn’t need to be an overwhelming, stressful purchase.

For Earth Day, Apple Uses Dramatic iPhone Footage as a Warning Not to Cross Mother Earth

This isn't your usual serene documentary. It's a reminder of nature's power and intensity.

Grey Goose’s Rebrand Aims to Strike a Balance to Make Its Premium Allure More Accessible

The new Live Victoriously campaign keys on everyday consumer celebrations.

Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia Sells to Marquee Brands for Over $200 Million

It dropped over $100 million after it was bought in 2015 for $353 million.

Pledges to Rebuild Notre Dame Already Total to Almost $700 Million. Here Are the Brands Chipping In

Just 24 hours after the devastating fire, some household names are stepping up.

Timex Is Celebrating 165 Years With a New Watch Collection That Brings Production Back to the U.S.

The 4 American Documents watches will all be handmade in America.

On the Adweek Podcast: Game of Branded Thrones

Plus, we get the inside scoop on Disney +.