Brand Marketing

Holler’s Animated Stickers Are Right Place, Right Time Marketing

Brands like HBO Max, Ikea and Snickers use custom designs to enter social conversations naturally.

Super-Cleaning Robots May Be the Future of Worker and Consumer Protection

Researchers at MIT are working with Ava Robotics to provide a sanitary solution to high foot traffic spaces.

Online Shopping Scams Have Been on the Rise Amid the Pandemic

The past few months have seen the highest number of consumer complaints in the history of the web.

Cleveland Indians Will Review Name After Redskins Controversy

As the Native mascot issue heats up, Washington Redskins minority owners look to sell their stakes.

Walmart Wants to Salvage Summer With Drive-In Movie Theaters and Virtual Summer Camp

The retailer is finding ways to help lockdown-weary families.

OK Boomer: Why E-Retailers Should Pay Attention to This Demographic Post Pandemic

How to zero in on platforms that keep boomers’ cash-saving perspective in mind— while keeping the retirement dreams alive.

Investors Ask Nike, FedEx and PepsiCo to End Relationships With the Washington Redskins

Investment firms and shareholders worth a collective $620 billion are putting pressure on brands to divest from racism.

Demand for Packaged Food Continues as Pandemic Concerns Loom

General Mills reported that net sales spiked 21% to reach $5 billion for the fiscal quarter ending May 31.

Don’t Expect a Marketing Blitz From Auto Brands on This Fourth of July

Car buyers expecting a host of Fourth of July sales blowouts this weekend may be disappointed.

Airlines ‘Doing the Math’ on How to Accommodate More Travelers

Rising demand creates new problems for hard-hit airlines.