Arnold Schwarzenegger Kicks ‘Gas’ as a Used Car Salesman in This Parody for Electric Vehicles

The star sports a man-pony and Hawaiian shirt for Veloz.

Meat Made From Veggies? Nah, Arby’s Would Rather Invent Veggies Made From Meat

And the chain is even sharing its recipe for 'Marrots.'

Google Pixel’s Pride Ad Promotes Phone’s Kiss-Detection Feature

The campaign comes as Google finds itself in hot water ahead of San Francisco’s Pride parade.

Lime-A-Rita Took Out a New York Times Ad to Call Out Sexist Remarks About Its Drink Line

The Anheuser-Busch brand is telling women to #NeverApologize for who they are—and what they drink.

L.L.Bean Is Ubering Overworked City-Dwellers to Pop-Up Campsites for S‘mores

Maybe spend a little time outside, people?

Popeyes Made a Near 7-Foot Box of Chicken to Honor NBA Draft Top Pick Zion Williamson’s Wingspan

It includes 77 wings, 11 biscuits, 11 servings of fries.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson Wants You to Give a Shit About LGBTQ+ Rights

His company Tie The Knot is harnessing the power of the poop emoji to garner donations.

Lincoln Creates a Public Interactive Light and Sound Show in Downtown New York

The art installation with The Atlantic is meant to evoke the control of the automaker's tech.

Mastercard Transforms New York’s Iconic Gay Street Into an LGBTQIA+ Thoroughfare

The effort is part of the company's ongoing #AcceptanceMatters push.

Pantene Reimagines ‘Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Beautiful’ to Celebrate LGBTQ+ Pride

Grey New York spotlights a diverse community.