French Crowds Give Chase to Try McDonald's Improved Burgers

The campaign from TBWA\Paris features comedic scenes inspired by movie situations

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Quick-service restaurant giant McDonald’s’s is on a mission in France to improve its menu to the point where its burgers are so irresistible that people chase their customers to try them.

Created by TBWA\Paris, the 70-second campaign ad named “Chase” features customers chowing down on one of the burgers, including a cop and a hospital patient, only for passersby to catch a glimpse of their food and hunt them down to try it.

Directed by Tom Kuntz, the spot includes situations inspired by scenes from genre films, communicating that the burgers now include notable improvements such as more melted cheese, steaks cooked with onions, warmer breads and more sauce in the Big Mac.

“All around the world, McDonald’s has started to improve its classic burgers—not one massive change, but an accumulation of improvements,” executive creative director Faustin Claverie told ADWEEK. “The devil is in the details. Fans are protectionists regarding the recipes of their favorites. People must understand that the changes are elevating the experience, but they won’t change the soul of these iconic recipes.”

“Seeing someone eating a McDonald’s is an irresistible trigger unlocking our most basic instincts, especially when McDonald’s burgers are better than ever,” added Claverie. “We decided to show this craving effect in an operatic way. Excessive use of slow motion and a soundtrack by Mozart himself is the bare minimum to announce such good news.”

Released in France Feb. 5, media will run across TV and online video.


Client: Jean Guillaume Bertola, Vanessa Sales, Clémentine Tesseidre Dalou, Manon Roudier
Agency: Christophe Neyret, Margaux Wanin, Julia Montagu, Margot Pécourt
Executive creative directors: Benjamin Marchal, Faustin Claverie
Artistic directors:  Léna Monceau, Julia Deshayes
Head of strategic planning: Céline Mazza
Head of TV and CEO, Else\: Maxime Boiron
Creative producer: Benoit Duchemin
Film production:  Henry
Director: Tom Kuntz
Postproduction: \Else
Postproducer: Elise Gamboa
Production: \Else
Head of music and sound: Olivier Lefebvre
Music AD: Thomas Jacquet
Sound director: Fabrice Pouvreau

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