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How Faux Meat Is Beefing Up Burger King, Subway and Dunkin’ Menus

Brand Values

Plant-based protein brands are expanding their reach with new distribution deals.

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Jeff Goldblum Always Stays True to the Most Fascinating Character of Them All: Himself

Leadership & Talent

Most people talk about the movie blockbusters, but advertising is also a rich territory for this eclectic star.

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At NexTech, Marquee Names Discussed the Future of Ad Tech


Featuring execs from companies like Google, Neustar, Electronic Arts and S4 Capital.

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How Jamba Put Smoothies on the Map


Now pushing 30, the brand is still squeezing all it can from the fruity segment it pioneered.

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DTC Brands Are Finding Their Target Audiences Through Streaming Services

Streaming & OTT

Some view OTT as a testing ground for other video campaigns.

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How I Went From Buddy to Boss and Reevaluated Leadership Techniques


Advice for anyone rising into a higher position from a peer-intensive one.

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Adweek’s Project Isaac Winners: 19 Daring Campaigns Centered on Bold Innovation

Project ISAAC

The 2019 recipients of our top prize for invention in marketing.

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Ad-Tech Companies Are Dipping Their Toes Into Brand Sponsorship Metrics in Esports


With industry growth comes the need for new means of measurement.

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Infographic: Over Half of Consumers Would Pay More for Sustainable Products

Data Points

New data shows brands need to focus on eco-friendliness.