Marty Swant

Marty Swant

Marty Swant is a technology staff writer for Adweek.
Marty Swant is a technology staff writer for Adweek, where he specializes in digital marketing trends, social platforms, ad tech and emerging tech such as virtual reality and artificial intelligence.

Oculus Co-founder Leaves Facebook Just a Month After Instagram Co-founders

Bendan Iribe is departing to 'recharge, reflect and be creative.'

David Lynch and Showtime Are Creating a Virtual Reality Experience for Twin Peaks

The scene begins in Glastonbury Grove, the forest setting familiar to anyone who’s seen the show.

Pras Michel Wants His Blockchain-Powered Phone to Help Users Own Their Data

The Fugees co-founder is getting ready for the Blacture M1, expected later this year.

How Adobe Is Trying to Bring Augmented Reality Experiences Mainstream

Project Aero is in private beta.

How Adobe Is Embedding Its Artificial Intelligence Platform Deeper Into the Creative Cloud

Sensei is now in nearly all of the company's tools.

Blockchain Isn’t Just a Buzzword Anymore. How Advertisers Are Testing Its Applications

Dunkin', American Express, Anheuser-Busch InBev among companies adopting the tech.

Adobe and Apple Are Bringing Photoshop to the iPad Pro

The update, announced at Adobe’s MAX conference in Los Angeles, will become available sometime in 2019 and will be similar to the existing version of the platform.

Wayfair’s New App, Made for Magic Leap Headsets, Lets You Design Your Home With Mixed Reality

There are several hundred products to choose from.

AT&T Will Soon Let Magic Leap Users Watch Multiple Shows at Once

It's bringing DirectTV Now to the mixed-reality platform.

The Founder and CEO of Magic Leap Discusses Creating Mixed Reality Content

The main takeaways from 'Dr. Grordbort's Invaders' video game preview, in conversation two of the top execs from Weta Workshop.