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How Passion for Data Led to a Top Streaming Gig at Paramount

Leadership & Talent

Tanya Giles is driving the company's streaming content strategy.

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What Does the Future Hold for America’s Alt-Weeklies?

Publishing News

After a wave of pandemic closures, the industry plots a new path forward.

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4/20 Marketing Used to Wink to Cannabis Insiders. Now It Welcomes a Wider Audience


Retailers borrow CPG tactics for the Black Friday of weed, while brands lean in to purpose-driven programs.

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How an ‘Anti-Billboard Approach’ Is Helping Sports Teams Stand Out Outdoors

Out of Home Advertising News

Muros and its artists give fans an authentic local connection to their teams.

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To Defend or Not to Defend—That Is the Question for Incumbent Agencies

The Future of Agencies

Incumbents often defend in reviews, but they must consider if it's worthwhile given the poor odds of success.

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Why Abbott Elementary Creator Quinta Brunson Is in a Class of Her Own

Programming & Performance

From being deeply embedded in internet culture to creating the most successful network comedy in years, the Abbott Elementary creator is setting a new standard.

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The 2022 Upfronts Need to Evolve Into the FlexFronts


The pandemic proved the TV ad business can handle more flexibility. Why go back to old ways?

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This Year’s Upfront Might Feel Like Business as Usual, but a Metrics Revolution Is Underway

TV Upfronts

Marketers are exploring alternatives and testing different currencies.

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Infographic: In-Person Events Are Back—but Not for Everyone

Data Points

Virtual and IRL gatherings could both see growth in 2022.

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Cadbury Creme Eggs: The Gooey Easter Treat Laid by a Bunny


How a beloved British confection cracked the American market and became a seasonal sensation.