Shannon Miller

Shannon Miller

Shannon Miller is a writer, podcast creator and contributor to Adweek.

Agency Exec Creates a Quarantine Anthem to Help Musicians Devastated by Covid-19

Matthew Pierce chronicles the quirks of sheltered life.

A Specially Branded Hand Sanitizer Aims to ‘Stop The Spread’ of Racist Coronavirus Stigma

Agency The Hive and the Chinese Canadian National Council for Social Justice partnered on the project to reduce coronavirus stigma.

A Crowd Finds Themselves Hooked On a Story Fit Only for Lifetime

From the network that brings you loads of schmaltz comes an unexpected cliffhanger ending.

Mini Reminds Us That a Brand’s Backstory Can Be Just as Beautiful as the Product Itself

Advertising agency 360i creates a compelling homage to the car’s designer, Alec Issigonis.

This New Ad Council PSA Illustrates the Enduring Power of Kindness

With the assistance of San Francisco-based indie agency TBD, the Ad Council traveled through time with its latest public service short film.

In a Distracted World, This Short Film Reminds Us Why Cinema Is a Vital Escape

Jake Scott directs John Boyega in Vue's 'Get Lost,' its first-ever brand film.

This Insurance Company Is Just as Obsessed With Your Engagement Ring as You Are

Laughlin Constable's over-the-top campaign for Jewelers Mutual leans into the brand's deep, abiding love of jewelry.

Addressing Mental Health, Santa Questions the Outdated Choices of ‘Naughty or Nice’ for Kids

St. Nick seeks to build more empathy and understanding.

Bad Decisions Due to Lack of Sleep Made 2019 ‘So Dumb’ According to This Mattress Brand

With the help of creative agency 72andSunny Los Angeles and comedian Neil Brennan, the mattress and bedding brand hopes to talk a little sense into the country.

The Classic VW Beetle Is Already Cut Out in This Goodbye Campaign

DDB New Zealand cuts out the VW Beetle in goodbye campaign.