Open Wide: Mountain Dew Made a Baja Blast Hot Sauce

There's a new spicy entry in the brand's history with oddball product drops

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It’s National Hot Sauce Day, and while spice enthusiasts might plan to indulge in favorites like Tapatio or Tabasco, perhaps they should leave room in their stomachs for an unexpected contender: Mountain Dew (Mtn Dew).

The PepsiCo brand has released a limited batch of Baja Blast Hot Sauce for dedicated fans of the tentpole flavor. The special edition condiment touts a blend of the identifiable Baja Blast “tropical lime” tang, tomatillos, habanero peppers, green chiles and jalapeños.

Mountain Dew

Mtn Dew collaborated with popular Houston sauce shop iBurn, led by James “Hot Sauce Boss” Beck, on a small batch of 750 bottles. So those interested in grabbing a bottle for themselves can’t just walk up to the sauce aisle at their local grocer; they’ll have to visit the brand’s website and enter to win one.

Mtn Dew has expanded its variety of seasonal and permanent flavors since the early days of Baja Blast, which debuted exclusively in Taco Bell locations in 2004 before slowly entering the retail space in 2014. The brand has even dabbled in the seltzer scene with Hard Mountain Dew, which offered a spiked version of its already amped-up drink at 5% alcohol by volume.

But when it comes to weird yet memorable merch stunts, the brand has previously leaned more on Baja Blast’s long-established cult following rather than experiment with other flavors in its lineup. In 2021, Mtn Dew created a trio of room sprays based on the Baja line of sodas, including newer editions Baja Punch and Baja Flash, in connection with the Baja Summer limited merch line.

For additional details on how to qualify for a chance to win a bottle of Baja Blast Hot Sauce, fans can follow Mtn Dew’s social media.

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