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Airlines Are Offering Carbon Offsets to Combat ‘Flight Shame’


Airlines are embracing carbon offsets as a way to counter the damage flying does to the environment (and their image). Will flyers get on board?

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Could 2020 Prove to Be the Golden Age for Independent Agencies?

The Future of Agencies

This coming year could be a promising year for agencies to meet previously unmet needs for clients and investing in analytic platforms and talent.

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Why the 6-Second TV Ad No Longer Works for Many Advertisers

Programming & Performance

The once-revolutionary linear format was something advertisers were excited about in 2017 and 2018, but interest has recently waned.

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Infographic: Consumers Are Turning to Telehealth and Innovative Mobile Medicine Services

Data Points

Americans are turning to mobile medicine as a supplement to healthcare coverage.

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Why Advertisers Need to Take a Risk and Be More Than Just Likable


If our goal in making an ad is to strike the middle ground out of the fear of being disliked, then we will squander the potential to make something great.

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3 Experiential Trends to Watch in 2020—and 2 to Leave in the 2010s


Experts share how activations will evolve in the decade ahead.

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2 Years Ago, Blockchain Was Hyped as a World Changer. So What Happened?

Performance Marketing

With its transformative promises still unfulfilled, blockchain fatigue is spreading through the business world.