Ryan Barwick

Ryan Barwick

Brand Reporter, Travel
Ryan is a brand reporter covering travel, mobility and sports marketing. A graduate of the University of Delaware, Ryan previously worked at CBS Newspath writing and producing TV news stories for CBS affiliates and the Center for Public Integrity, where he covered the intersection of policy and technology.

Airlines Were Given Billions. Layoffs May Still Be Inevitable

It's unclear what airlines will have to give up to accept their government bailout.

Travel Advertising Fell by as Much as 90% in March

The ads that are running emphasize safety and refunds.

Vintage Travel Posters Are Reimagined for Social Distancing

A creative designer makes home seem as exciting as the outdoors with messages like "Surf Your Couch."

With Travel on Hold, United Airlines Donates Media Space to Unicef

Its planned spring campaign was shelved in light of the coronavirus.

Why Retailers Close Their Ecommerce Shops During a Lockdown

Patagonia, TJ Maxx, and Victoria's Secret have dealt with coronavirus differently than other stores.

As Video Production Stalls, Agencies Rely on Tricks of the Trade

Stock footage, animation and archives are coming in handy since live-action shoots have been canceled and delayed.

Airline Industry to Get $50 Billion From the $2 Trillion Congress Stimulus Bill

The government will provide $50 billion in grants and loans for the airline industry following the coronavirus pandemic.

Airlines Are Asking for Billions in Bailout Money—and So Is Everyone Else

Executives have requested more than $50 billion in the wake of coronavirus, but they're not the only ones who need help.

With Live Sports on Hold, Marketers Turn to Athletes for Content

League play has been suspended, so athletes are playing online—and marketers hope to turn it into programming.

Why CEOs Give Up Their Salary During a Crisis

Travel industry executives are taking a pay cut—but is it actually a meaningful gesture?