Ryan Barwick

Ryan is a brand marketing reporter covering travel.

Boeing CEO Stripped of Chairman Title Amid 737 Max Troubles

Dennis Muilenburg will now oversee effort to return the aircraft to safe service.

American Airlines Says It Plans to Resume Flying the Boeing 737 Max in January

The plan was involved in two deadly crashes in a year and has been grounded since March.

Q&A: Amtrak’s Roger Harris on Connectivity and Competition

The rail company's chief marketing officer on the rise and fall of the dining car and how it's marketing to younger travelers.

Is Putting Your Name on a Stadium Worth the Investment? SoFi Thinks So

The financial startup sees the new Rams and Chargers home as an efficient way to market.

TripAdvisor Ends Sales to Attractions Featuring Captive Whales and Dolphins

The travel site will no longer advertise or sell tickets to destinations that "contribute to the captivity of future generations of cetaceans."

Helsinki Wants Travelers to Be More Sustainable, and It Wants Airbnb to Help

The Finnish city and TBWA created a mock site with homes that have a low carbon footprint.

Intel Names Karen Walker as CMO

She had been with Cisco since 2009.

Scandinavian Airlines CEO Warns of Carbon Taxes Unless Industry Acts on Sustainability

Rickard Gustafson on how he's building a greener carrier, partly in hopes of heading off regulations.

Make Room on the Couch—DTC Brands Want to Connect on Streaming Sites

And they’re not leaving linear television either.

Norwegian Cruise Line Is Ditching Plastic Water Bottles

It's just the start of eliminating disposable items, the CEO says.