Brands Are Creating Zoom Backgrounds to Class Up Your Quarantine

The videoconference platform is becoming a creative playground for brands as well as users.

Diageo and Anheuser-Busch Join Alcohol Brands Pivoting to Free Sanitizer

The industry giants will produce millions of bottles for hospitals and communities.

How Do You Highlight the Frustration of Tampon Dispensers? Make Men Pay for Toilet Paper

The International Women's Day stunt, promoting advocacy group Period, was developed with agency Huge.

Budweiser Wants to Change the Way You Pour Beer With New Nitrogen-Infused Version

Anheuser-Busch hopes to change beer-pouring habits with Budweiser Nitro Gold, a nitrogen-infused version of the beer that can be shaken.

El Pollo Loco Is Putting Meatless, Faux-Chicken Tacos on Its Menu at All 485 Locations

The rollout by the California-based chain is 'very significant' for the plant-based protein trend, experts say.

Jif Partnered With Giphy to Make a Limited-Edition Peanut Butter No One Can Pronounce

The internet's favorite consonant debate is reignited thanks to a fun product stunt from Publicis' PSOne agency.

KFC and Crocs Have Joined Forces to Create the Ultimate Fried Chicken Footwear

Just in time for New York Fashion Week.

How the Revolutionary ‘Cheese Food’ Velveeta Became a Super Bowl Staple

Velveeta is a 'pasteurized recipe cheese product,' there are actual historical reasons why such a product exists—and makes a such good dip.

Tech Giants Are Working Together to Get All Your Smart Home Devices to Talk

Apple, Amazon, Google, and the Zigbee Alliance are working together to create compatibility standards for smart home devices.

An Agency’s Solution to Archaic Tampon Dispensers Is Also Making a Point About Tech

Hooha, a smart vending machine from Huge, shows how closing the gender gap in product development can boost innovation.