These Ordinary Ads Feature Only People With Disabilities, and That’s the Point

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Nord DDB gives an impactful history lesson.

Burger King’s Surprisingly Political Ad in the U.K. Takes Aim at Brexit

Placed on the side of a red London bus by global creative agency BBH, the ad is simple, but quite direct indeed: "Another Whopper on the side of a bus. Must be an election."

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Sneakerheads Stop at Nothing—Not Even the Apocalypse—in New Foot Locker Ad

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Gillette Celebrates Puberty With an Ode to Scruffy Teenage Mustaches

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Fantasy and Reality Blend Beautifully in Melodramatic Telenova Ad

In first work for America Television in Peru, Circus Grey blends fantasy and reality in long-form ad for country's most popular TV show.

Step Inside Cardi B’s Twerk Shop in Pepsi’s New Holiday Ad

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