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Don’t Look Now, Doc, but America’s Original Influencer Bugs Bunny Just Turned 80


Merch and new opportunities, like video game franchises, keep popping up for the trickster rabbit.

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Agencies Are Working With Nonprofits to Switch Gears During the Pandemic

Adapting to Crisis

They are helping charitable organizations navigate this uncharted territory.

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How Experts Are Attempting to Combat Artificial Intelligence’s Racist Tendencies

Artificial Intelligence

Researchers and activists say a more comprehensive, democratic approach to AI development is needed.

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From Employment Law to Sports Marketing, This Exec Now Negotiates YouTube’s Upfronts

Leadership & Talent

Brian Albert’s work doesn’t stop at bringing advertisers to YouTube.

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Infographic: Asian-American Consumers Want Brands to Honestly Reflect Their Lifestyles

Data Points

Audio elements like dialogue spoken in their native languages can more effectively engage Asian-American consumers.

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Facebook Is Up to Old Copycat Tricks, and TikTok Is the Target This Time


All this comes as the app faces regulatory battles and President Donald Trump's administration.

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There Needs to Be More Accountability in Advertising to Shatter the Status Quo


For an industry that hypes itself as brand builders and positioning experts, isn’t it ironic that all agencies swim in the same generic soup?

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Meet Adweek’s 2020 Young Influentials Who Are Shaping Media, Marketing and Tech

Young Influentials

From teen TikTok stars Charli and Dixie D'Amelo to the vp who scored big for Hulu, these young influentials are changing everything from what we binge to how we talk [...]