Thomas Kolster

Thomas Kolster

Opinion Contributor
Thomas Kolster is an ex-adman on a mission to change brands for the better. He’s a self-proclaimed marketing activist, author, international keynote speaker and has spent more than 10 years in the sustainability space and coined the term Goodvertising."

Shifting Marketing From Focusing on the Masses to Millennials Instead

For too long, our industry has been stuck in a mass marketing mindset. It’s time to open up your brand for people’s creativity, dreams and ambitions.

It’s Time for Brands to Stop Climate Grandstanding and Listen to Consumer Needs

It feels like another beliefs-based war in the dark ages between those who are enlightened and those who are ignorant or outright deniers.

Brands Need to Stop Putting Themselves First When Focusing on a Purpose

Too often they fall into a ‘hero trap.’

Small Brands Are Challenging Big Brands With a Commitment to Cohesive Purpose

Consumers and marketers alike can tell when a business isn't devoted to their cause.