Facebook Ads Can Now Specify Any Page Landing Tab as a Destination

Facebook has added the ability to point ads created through its self-serve tool to a specific landing tab of a Page. Previously, advertisers could only set a Page’s default landing tab as a destination. The change will allow advertisers to run multiple ad campaigns for different tabs simultaneously.

By giving advertisers more options of where to send traffic, they’ll be able to produce better results and will spend more on Facebook. It will also increase the importance of tab applications, benefiting the growing Page management industry.

The addition follows Facebook bringing the new Sponsored Stories ad unit to the self-serve ad tool earlier this week. These options will likely become available in through the Facebook Ads API, which allows developers to build tools for programmatically creating, targeting, bidding, and monitoring Facebook ads. Investors and large marketing companies are betting that the Ads API will produce huge revenues, and added complexity in the self-serve tool will push more advertisers to seek professional Ads API tools and services.

Similarly, funding and acquisitions in the Page management space have accelerated, as brands seek to engage and monetize their fans with tab applications. The ability to send users to different tabs compare will increase the demand for Page management companies that provide tab apps.

When advertisers visit the self-serve tool and select a Page they admin as the ad’s destination, they’ll see a Landing URL drop-down menu appear. They can select from any tab installed on their Page, including Facebook’s in-house apps like Photos or Discussion Board, or third-party apps for sweepstakes, email sign-ups, games, and media content.

Pages can now set a default landing tab for everyone that finds their Page, such as a general welcome tab that encourages users to click the Like button. They can also send users to a more specific landing tab based on an ad’s content through a URL or this new advertising option. The feature could result in admins setting up different, especially relevant landing tabs for each demographic they’re trying to reach, and pointing ads targeted at those demographics to the appropriate tab.

A wealth of new strategies have been unlocked by the simple addition of Page landing tabs as an ad destination option. This shows that Facebook still has much more to offer advertisers than is currently available.