Page Building Tools Are Week's Fastest Growing Apps

Applications that help improve Facebook pages had the most growth this week, along with a few really addictive games.

Applications that help improve Facebook pages had the most growth this week, along with a few really addictive games.

These and other trends factor in among the changes we’ve seen over the past seven days. We track all the changes seen over the past seven days; this countdown of the fastest-growing apps is based on our in-depth statistic tool, which you’ll want to check out for more data like what you see below.

The Week’s Fastest Growing Apps

Name Daily Active Users Monthly Active Users Weekly Growth
1.Static HTML: iframe tabs 6,596,183 22,608,027 12,989,844
2. ZingTabs 2.0 FBML replacement 1,322,560 2,301,753 2,068,325
3. iframe + Static FBML + Welcome Tab = iwipa 265,547 4,974,644 1,965,243
4. Zombie Lane 1,140,507 5,271,709 1,777,538
5. BandPage by RootMusic 1,249,137 22,828,891 1,611,386
6. Bing 4,447,511 26,705,392 1,434,818
7. Gourmet Ranch 483,650 5,278,158 1,166,725
8. Diamond Dash 1,352,919 6,969,246 1,119,097
9. Birthday Greeting Cards 7,901 1,065,662 984,802
10.Welcome Tab for Pages 212,525 2,491,241 829,738
11. 337,134 4,842,592 796,845
12. Wildfire’s iFrames for Pages 145,252 3,175,766 789,439
13. BOSS 472,932 1,392,275 747,061
14. Yahoo! 7,888,941 14,391,057 670,789
15. Band Profile: Profile Pages for Musicians 477,463 8,928,933 634,438
16. Send Gift 45,423 3,374,056 621,985
17. Quiz Taco! 640,833 12,016,569 593,908
18. 21 questions 691,271 10,336,730 587,727
19. Mystery Manor 302,297 2,145,406 576,324
20. Badges 130,154 1,530,435 560,308

Improve Your Facebook Presence

Static HTML: iframe tabs leads off our list this week. The application skyrocketed in success as it aims to improve welcome tabs; this Static HTML option welcomed a 12,989,844 increase.

ZingTabs 2.0 FBML replacement also makes a first appearance on the fastest growing countdown; the app successfully nabbed the second spot, as it has helped 2,068,325 page administrators design new tabs.

Iwipa is becoming a regular on this list; the application makes moves forward to third with a weekly growth increase of 1,965,243. Welcome Tab for Pages cuts our countdown in half; 829,738 page admins turned to this alternative in the past seven days.

A final option helping these choices become a fastest growing trend is Wildfire’s iFrames for Pages; the page finished in 12th this week as it helped design 789,439 pages on the social network.

The Gaming World

Digital Chocolate’s Zombie Lane begins May by moving up to the fourth position; an additional 1,777,538 gamers started playing. Gourmet Ranch holds steady in seventh welcoming 1,166,725 new players. Diamond Dash, developed by Wooga, takes a fall once again; the application lands in eighth this week as it tallies a weekly growth increase of 1,119,097.

Chinese poker application BOSS, developed by Happy Elements, works its way onto the fastest growing countdown for the first time; 747,061 people tried their luck last week helping the application secure the 13th spot.

Just for fun application 21 Questions also makes a first time appearance as it rests in the 18th spot with the help of 587,727 users. Mystery Manor inches forward just behind 21 Questions as the gaming application boasts a 576,324 weekly growth total.

Future Rock Stars

BandPage by RootMusic finds it way back on to our list this week, making a giant leap forward to the fifth spot; 1,611,386 musicians turned to the tool to help ease their social networking needs. A main competitor, Band Profile: Profile Pages for Musicians, creeps up not far behind in ninth; the ReverbNation application helped improve the presence of 634,438 pages.

Search Easier

A battle of search engines is underway this week. Microsoft’s Bing wins the race this time around; the application races its way back on to the countdown into the sixth position with 1,434,818 adds. Landing in 14th this week is Yahoo!; 670,789 social networkers synched their accounts since last Friday.

Birthdays And Gifts

SocialSoft’s Birthday Greeting Cards is newcomer to the list as it ensures you will never forget the special day of those close to you; it makes a first appearance successfully taking ninth place with the help of 984,802 Facebook users.

If a gift is in order for the special day, Send Gift is a popular choice. The application falls this week to the 16th spot; 621,985 sent a cute image to friends using Send Gift last week.

Making The World Even More Social

We close this week with a few recurring themes. moves up a spot to 11th this week; the application allowed 796,845 the opportunity to interact from around the globe.

Friends still aim to share every last detail about each other as Quiz Taco has a tremendous seven days bouncing back on our list planting itself firmly in the 17th place; 593,908 curious minds took to the questions.

Show friends on the social network your interests or particular cause with Badges; the application rounds out our list as 560,308 users added a small icon to their profile pictures.

Readers, do any trends or applications particularly stand out to you this week?

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