Mini Emerges From UK Lockdown With Ad Celebrating Factory Reopening

The automaker is the latest brand to shift its marketing into the recovery phase.

LED Technique Created for Sci-Fi Could Provide an Alternative for Film Crews Limited by Lockdowns

A lighting technique pioneered for the film Gravity could be of use to small-scale video crews.

Now Is the Time for Brands to Make Strategic Moves for Loyalty and Retention

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Eateries Hope to Lure Wary Diners Back With New Task Forces and Covid Czars

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These 3 Simple Steps Will Encourage Event Attendance Post-Pandemic

Performance Research's second survey of Covid-19's impact on live events shows how fan expectations are changing.

Škoda Made Tiny Replica Car Models to Shoot Its Quarantine Ads

Škoda has become the latest brand to shoot an ad campaign entirely remotely using tiny cars.

Weathering the Economic Downturn Storm so Your Brand Emerges Intact

Making the tough calls early, focusing on your critical customer needs and continuing to build customer loyalty can benefit any brand in a downturn.

Luxury Marketers Might Be Missing a Huge Opportunity Right Now

Gen Z has been hard hit by Covid-19, but they’re still buying upscale goods—and they want to see ads.

MLB at Home Helps Satisfy Fans’ Hunger for Baseball During Covid-19

The league's social initiative makes use of archival footage and players' creativity.

They Helped Make Slack Famous. Now Sandwich Is Back to Report on Using It From Home

Slack's first ad stars are still loving it, 6 years after grudgingly trying it out.