Ford Uses Idris Elba and a Social Media Puzzle to Reveal Its New Electric Mustang SUV

Ford’s ad campaign for the new all-electric Mustang Mach-E leverages the power of influencers and social media trends to build buzz around the highly anticipated car.

KFC Supportively Taunts Brits Who, Like Americans, Cook Turkey Once a Year

Mother's Christmas reminder that poultry isn't easy.

A Typeface Created From Berlin Wall Graffiti Is a Sobering Reminder of Why Freedom Matters

As a U.S. border wall looms, Germany's Heimat creates a reminder of the harm they do.

Star Wars Blurs With Reality in This Compelling Ad About a Daughter and Father

215 McCann brings video game Jedi: Fallen Empire into the real world.

Twinkies Are About to Become a Breakfast Cereal

The collaboration caps off a year of occasionally odd crossovers, like Sour Patch Kids Cereal.

Dick’s Sporting Goods Channels Holiday Magic to Show How Items Come to Life at Night

Anomaly crafts the brand's first CGI-powered spot, inspired by Night at the Museum.

Burger King Promotes Delivery by Pointing Out Where It Doesn’t Have Restaurants

Buzzman takes a counterintuitive approach with its outdoor ads on display in France this month.

A Single Mom Receives an Unlikely but Appreciated Gift for Christmas in Hobby Lobby Ad

The campaign by The Richards Group continues the craft store's "Christmas Is What You Make It" theme.

Even the Most Awkward Holiday Moments Are Comfortable in Bombas Socks

Direct-to-consumer brand with the hilarious truth bomb.

Ikea’s First UK Holiday Ad Is a Hilarious Rap About How Your Apartment Is Crap

Luckily, a few quick fixes can get you ready to host, promises the fun spot from Mother London.