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The Adweek Blog Network is made up of nine industry-leading, continuously-updated websites covering the inner workings the media industry: from social media to TV news; from advertising to PR; book publishing, web publishing, print, digital, newspapers, magazines and radio. The Adweek Blog network gives media obsessives the inside scoop on their companies and their competitors.

For more than 10 years TVNewser has been the go-to source for the news about TV news. We bring you the scoop on what’s happening inside the highly competitive world of broadcast and cable TV news. From the big gets to the big gaffes, we break down the breaking news, ratings wins, talent moves, and programming shifts with inside access and executive interviews.

TVSpy covers the inner workings of the local TV news industry. Our reporters and editors track the happenings at hundreds of TV stations across the U.S. delivering inside scoop, programming moves, job changes, and more. Launched more than 25 years ago by local TV news scout Don Fitzpatrick (first as Rumorville and later as ShopTalk), TVSpy’s continuous daily updates keep local newsers in the know.

Lost Remote
Lost Remote keeps its finger on the pulse of the evolving world of social TV: how producers, programmers and networks are capitalizing on the second screen experience to find, keep and grow viewership for an increasingly connected consumer. Lost Remote is the first and largest industry site dedicated to social TV coverage and analysis.

AgencySpy covers the ad agency world from the inside. From breaking agency news, to new campaigns and client wins, AgencySpy is a trusted news source keeping advertising professionals up to date on what’s happening at their agency and beyond.

PRNewser covers the inner working of the Public Relations industry. From the most successful campaigns to the most memorable PR fails, our reporters track the pulse of the publicity world so PR professionals know what works, what doesn’t, and why.

Social Times
SocialTimes has been covering social media since the dawn of social media making it the one-stop shop for all things social. From breaking Facebook news, to the latest Twitter trends; from to the hottest apps, to the newest social games, the reporters and editors of SocialTimes will bring you the scoops and tips to keep you socially aware.

FishbowlNY covers the pulse of New York media. For more than 10 years, our reporters and editors have covered the shifting landscape in the media capital of the world: from publishing to digital, newspapers and magazines, radio and TV. From start-ups to phase-outs, we report on who’s thriving, who’s surviving and why. We seek out what’s new and what’s hot, so media insiders know what’s next.

FishbowlDC covers the intersection of politics and media. Our reporters capture the inside nature of the nation’s capital, providing an outlet for offbeat coverage of DC’s real power brokers.

GalleyCat is the first word on the book publishing industry. Our reporters seek out the latest digital and print publishing trends, reveal new books on the horizon, and discover authors who might be the next big thing.

Morning Media Newsfeed – The daily information source spanning ad topics including social media, advertising and PR, TV and video, publishing, design and ad tech

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