Instagram Users Can Upload Multiple Photos, Videos to Their Stories

Adding location stickers was also made easier.

Nielsen Social Content Ratings, Week of April 16: WWE Monday Night Raw Reigns

NBA Playoff games accounted for all 10 sports spots.

YouTube Removed Over 9 Million Videos in Q4 2017, Mostly Spam and Adult Content

76 percent were deleted before receiving a single view.

Twitter Preps for 2018 NFL Draft With Emojis, Mock Draft

Each first-round pick will have his own hashtag-triggered emoji.

Facebook Published Its Internal Content Review Guidelines and Added an Appeals Process

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How Brands Can Incorporate Influencers Throughout Their Entire Marketing Strategy

Opinion: Remember the "four P’s."

Pinterest Business Profiles Now Include Dynamic Cover Images, Monthly Viewers

The redesign follows last month’s debut of a following tab.

Facebook Is Expanding Its Testing of Pre-Roll Video Ads

The social network announced several monetization updates.

Facebook: Here’s How to Remove Posts From Your Timeline in Bulk

You can delete or hide posts from your profile.