Doing It for the Kid(fluencer)s: How Brands Can Ethically Engage in the Digital Kids’ Market

Opinion: Safety and transparency should be keywords.

Instagram Users Can Upload Multiple Photos, Videos to Their Stories

Adding location stickers was also made easier.

Nielsen Social Content Ratings, Week of April 16: WWE Monday Night Raw Reigns

NBA Playoff games accounted for all 10 sports spots.

YouTube Removed Over 9 Million Videos in Q4 2017, Mostly Spam and Adult Content

76 percent were deleted before receiving a single view.

Twitter Preps for 2018 NFL Draft With Emojis, Mock Draft

Each first-round pick will have his own hashtag-triggered emoji.

Facebook Published Its Internal Content Review Guidelines and Added an Appeals Process

The social network looked to address two longtime gripes by users.

YouTube: Here’s How to Turn On Restricted Mode on Mobile

You can hide potentially inappropriate content from your view.

How Brands Can Incorporate Influencers Throughout Their Entire Marketing Strategy

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Pinterest Business Profiles Now Include Dynamic Cover Images, Monthly Viewers

The redesign follows last month’s debut of a following tab.

Facebook Is Expanding Its Testing of Pre-Roll Video Ads

The social network announced several monetization updates.