Twitter Wants Its Users’ Help in Developing Its Policies on Deepfakes

The social network calls it synthetic and manipulated media.

Facebook Shuts Down More Coordinated Inauthentic Activity in Iran, Russia

Three networks originated in the former, one in the latter.

Facebook Provides Its Latest Update on Efforts to Safeguard the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election

The social network added a tool to protect the accounts of elected officials, candidates and their staff.

Still Alive and Kik-ing: MediaLab Acquires Messaging App That Was Headed for Shutdown

However, keeping it going means bringing ads to the service.

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LinkedIn: Here’s How to Create an Event

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Facebook’s Tweak May Cause Organic Page Impressions to Drop

The social network is rolling out a change to the way it filters that metric through Oct. 28.

5 Key Parts of Mark Zuckerberg’s Talk on Free Speech at Georgetown University

Facebook’s CEO doesn’t believe private companies should be making decisions about whether content is truthful.

Music Is in the Air for Facebook and Instagram Users in More European Markets

Features were added in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, the Netherlands, Norway, Romania and Slovakia.

Instagram Stories: Here’s How to Use GIFs in Create Mode

Use an animated image as your post's background.