We need to watch trends and find new ways to attract, serve and retain young, digital-centric consumers.Mesut Ugurlu/Getty Images

It’s Not a Popularity Contest: Rewarding Publishers for Their Quality of Audience


Publishers deliver value far beyond that last click, but advertisers are finding that some of the most strategic partners don’t always have the biggest audience.

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To Stop the CMO Revolving Door, Bring Brand and Performance Together


While brand marketing certainly needs to become more data-driven, performance teams need to bring more of their data to creative conversations.

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Customers Want Personal Advisors, Not Advertisers

Social Commerce

Social media now transcends marketing: It’s the new search bar, the new storefront and the new help desk altogether.

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Optimize Your Affiliate Marketing Efforts With Keyword Research

Search Engine Optimization

Identifying a profitable niche can take more than just focusing on what you’re passionate about.

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Dear Retail Media: Amazon Prime Day Is Nigh

Retail Media

Go easy at the start of Prime Day month and add some additional dollars during the main event for search-based ad units.

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The Cookieless Future Calls for Reinvestment in Customer Relationship Management


The loss of identity is not just an ad tech issue—it's a measurement, attribution and, eventually, activation issue that needs resolving.

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Beatport and Microsoft Surface Go Full-On ‘Party Mode’ With the Promise of Hybrid Livestreaming Events


“There is a type of audience today that loves beautiful content and stunning music; and when done so with cutting-edge technology and all those things together, it’s a powerful kind [...]

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Going Beyond Modeling to Find New Customer Acquisition Targets

Customer Acquisition

When looking for new segments, do not stop short by habitually running customer profiles against the general population.

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Harnessing Gen Z’s Summer Travel Wanderlust

Travel & Transportation

Younger travelers like choices, spontaneity and loyalty rewards when they travel. Here’s how marketers can harness these and other trends when selling summer travel.

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Why Brand-Creator Partnerships Are Prioritizing Expertise and Diversity Over Fame 

Performance Marketing

Celebrity is hardly the foundation of the most effective marketing partnerships.

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It’s Time to Address Email’s Image Problem

Email Marketing

There's a difference between compelling imagery and burying content in photos.

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4 Search Trends Retailers Need to Watch Out For

Search Engine Marketing

Google understands that a search can have multiple purchasing intents.

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Don’t Leave Your Email Marketing Capabilities on the Table

Email Marketing

Here are six ways a good email campaign can elevate your KPIs.

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The Tools and Tech You’ll Need to Level Up Your Influencer Marketing

Influencers & Creators

Companies often need help scaling their programs, measuring reach and determining ROI.

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3 Keys to Successful Lead Generation in a Post-Cookie World

Lead Generation

The insurance industry can teach marketers about acquiring new customers without cookies—here's how.