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The Enduring Power of Carhartt Comes From More Than Style


How a hard-wearing industrial brand lures laborers, rappers and fashionistas alike.

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CBX’s Rick Barrack Doesn’t Just Collect Corvettes—He’s Also a Master Judge

Off the Clock

Creative and design agency CBX's Rick Barrack is driven by excellence.

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Infographic: Bud Light’s Dylan Mulvaney Backlash, a Year Later

Data Points

America's once-favorite beer is still underperforming in sales and public perception.

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There’s a Better Way to Do Influencer Trips


The marketing tactic works, but recent voyages have garnered criticism.

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Making People Feel Special Is What Fri Forjindam Does Best

Lessons Learned

In addition to chief development officer of Mycotoo, she has another title: vibe curator.

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How Agencies Use AI to Generate New Business

The Future of Agencies

Stagwell's Gale uses technology to respond to RFIs quicker, with more strategic prowess.

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What Creators Really Think About Brand Deals, the Future of Platforms and Creativity

Creative Thinkers

Tefi Pessoa, Hunter Harris, Khalil Greene and Robyn DelMonte got famous on the Internet, but they don't see it as their ultimate future.

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