PageLever introduces real-time analytics for insights platform

Facebook analytics platform PageLever has introduced PageLever Now, which newest features include Facebook engagement analytics displayed in real time.

With real-time insights, page admins can now pinpoint the exact time when fans are engaging with their page’s posts. The tool features a graph that traces fan activity over the last 48 hours to help page managers decide when to publish their page posts and optimize engagement. It will also allow page manaagers to see the time frame in which a post remains relevant and help prevent them from overflowing fans’ News Feeds with too many posts.

The real-time graph shows when a post’s engagement dies down, telling page managers if they should hold off on introducing a new post as fans are still engaging with the previous one. PageLever co-founder Jeff Widman tells us that the new feature will benefit those looking to understand their audience’s engagement habits with discernable evidence.

Below the real-time engagement graph, instead of listing page posts in chronological order, PageLever Now lists posts in order of current activity. For example, if an admin has just published a new post, but a fan has just commented on a previous post, the post with more recent activity receives priority and is pushed to the top. Widman tells us this is the first time he has seen this feature for a Facebook analytics tool.

In addition to page insights, PageLever has added new features to its dashboard, making it easier for admins managing more than one page. This includes a sidebar listing each page for which user is admin, a built-in page post publisher, a calendar of scheduled posts and image search.

PageLever, which was founded in August 2011, added post tagging and alerts to its insights platform in May.

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