Page Six To Perez: Deb Schoeneman Uses Playboy For Gossip Atonement

schoeneman_froelich.jpgEx-New York magazine gossip columnist and author Deborah Schoeneman [left] contributes a 5,058-word piece to the April issue of Playboy that’s part “blogs have changed the Hollywood gossip game” standard fare, and part public apology to Paula Froelich [right], the Page Six reporter whom Schoeneman feuded with last summer during a publicity push for her book, 4% Famous. Oddly, Schoeneman refers to Froelich as “Jane” because “if I use her real name she’ll probably kill me.” (Or, perhaps, Playboy‘s legal told Schoeneman to.)

Schoeneman references everyone from Gawker to GalleyCat while recounting the feud, all the way to its weird, anticlimatic conclusion in which Schoeneman calls for a truce:

I noticed Jane walking her dog on the other side of the street. I quickly hung up the phone—when I looked back up, she was gone. Part of me wanted to run and catch her, to say I would help her get that post taken down. I wanted to ask why she hadn’t responded to my two e-mails asking her out for drinks to try to smooth things over. I wanted to assure her we would both fall in love one day, despite our checkered past romances with egocentric men who wanted to date a gossip columnist. I wanted to say we weren’t really all that different. Maybe there wasn’t room in this big city for the two of us back when we were both gossip columnists, but I had moved on. I was out of her way. The nature of the beast had changed, and it would never be the same. I wanted to say I’m sorry.


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