Page Six Luvs William Morris

Defamer notes today’s frothy Page Six item about the William Morris Agency (my bold):

THE most popular guest at the William Morris Agency’s “Upfront” party at The Four Seasons the other night was J.J. Abrams, producer of ABC’s “Lost” and “Alias” and other shows he’s developing for the network. Abrams, who is also directing “Mission Impossible 3,” didn’t have top ABC execs there to protect him – they were preparing for the next morning’s unveiling of their fall schedule – so the other networks swooped in to make nice, particularly the CBS team led by Les Moonves. The Morris Agency was said to be in a celebratory mood. Despite losing some agents and clients, the 107-year-old firm says it’s having a great year financially, and the bosses deny the rumor first reported here that they’re considering selling their valuable Beverly Hills real estate.

Could this be fallout from Bert Field’s threatening letter? Is this a quasi-retraction? No word on whether Fields has identified the “amoral snake” who leaked this absolutely, absolutely false rumor.