Page management platform Hearsay Social partners with media companies to help marketers with content curation

Marketing software company Hearsay Social today announced the launch of Content Exchange, a partnership with several media companies to provide marketers and salespeople with web content they can share with their fans and followers.

Regularly having brand-relevant content to post is one of the biggest struggles for social media marketers. Content Exchange could help marketers find and post that content more efficiently. In addition to letting users search for content by topic, keyword or location, the platform sorts and prioritizes links based on what’s being most shared around the web. Once marketers find articles they want to share on their social media channels, they can create and schedule posts directly from the platform, which will also track engagement metrics.

Hearsay Social CEO Clara Shih calls Content Exchange “the iTunes for social media content.” She says the goal is to democratize the process of social media marketing and free up people’s time without compromising the output. Hearsay specializes in software for companies with relationship-based sales, such as financial advisors, real estate professionals or insurance agents. She says the company was built around the idea that individuals at the local level didn’t always have the experience or time for social media marketing, so Hearsay features a content library for the parent company to populate with photos, links and apps that local representatives can customize and use on their pages. Shih says that it became clear about a year ago that even marketers at the corporate level were struggling to find content to share. The company worked with its customers — including Northwestern Mutual, State Farm, Farmers Insurance and 24-Hour Fitness — to better understand what type of content was important to them and how Hearsay could streamline the curation process.

Content Exchange launched with partners Demand Media, Tribune Media Services and Thomson Reuters. E-How, Livestrong, Cracked and the Chicago Tribune, are among some of the contributing sites. Additionally, with Hearsay’s compliance features, companies can filter out content that includes profanity or otherwise might not be appropriate for their audience.

Also today, Hearsay Social shared the results of a Mainstay Salire study, which indicated that the platform helped drive ROI for clients, delivering between 50 and 500 percent increases in revenue performance, doubled sales conversion rates for promotions, 2X-5X increases in local fans, and up to 50 percent reduction in social media management costs.