Facebook Improves Page Insights Visualization Accuracy, Adds Date Ranges

Facebook is rolling out an update to the native data visualizations of its Page analytics tool Insights. The accuracy of counts for Page tab views and external referrers has been improved. Admins may now select a specific date range of which to view performance metrics in the native data visualization. These updates make it easier to quickly get an accurate assessment of Page performance without leaving the site.

Our sources indicate that the external referrers and Page tab views sections in the native Insights visualization previously showed too few views coming from each source and for each tab. Data was accurate when exported though, indicating the issue was likely a bug in the Insights user interface. The native visualization is now accurate.

Previously, admins could only control date ranges on-site by using less precise sliders. Specific date ranges could only be selected for exported reports, forcing admins off-site. Now, admins can use calendar drop-down menus to select a starting and ending date between which to view analytics. This facilitates quick, longitudinal check ups on a Page’s performance.

The changes will be especially useful to admins with less experience manipulating data in spreadsheet applications such as Excel, as they won’t need to export reports to ge accurate, flexible data. Making Page administration more accessible will lead more people to create and manage Pages, which in turn leads to more advertising money for Facebook.  Similarly, keeping professional admins happy by facilitating efficiency leads them to evangelize for increased advertising from their clients in order to bring attention to their work.

[Thanks to Eti Suruzon and Lital Bleichfeld for the tip.]

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