Las Vegas Suburb Fights Off Planned Wayne Newton Museum

If you were left disheartened to learn that Las Vegas’ Liberace Museum has now closed, but felt that you could possibly continue on so long as you would be able to visit a Wayne Newton museum once it was finished building, well, we have some news for you that you’re probably not going to want to hear. This week, an advisory board in the Vegas suburb of Paradise, where Newton lives, recommended that the the singer’s request to have the property he’d picked out for the museum be turned down once it reaches the county commissioner. The Las Vegas Sun reports that the board’s issue over the project was the traffic that it would create in an area that is largely zoned for residential use (the museum would also be offering tours of Newton’s home, which would require bussing large amounts of visitors back and forth between the two places). While the board’s decision doesn’t mean that the museum won’t get built, it’s a large hurdle for Newton’s attorneys to now try to overcome. So for those of you so excited by the prospect of a museum dedicated to Mr. Newton, prepare to stay on the edge of your seat for a while.