More New Games on This Week’s Up-and-Comers List

We’re seeing increasingly high-quality games from a broad range of developers on this week’s top 20 up-and-coming list. While Zynga, Playfish and other well-known companies continue to dominate in overall numbers, the growth on this list highlights the potential for many developers to grow big.

Top Gainers This Week – Games
Name MAU Gain↓ Gain, %
1.icon Ultimate Slot Machines888,711+404,513+45.52
2.icon Poker Rivals256,833+254,508+99.09
3.icon Ask a Friend694,366+171,798+24.74
4.icon Santa Yourself268,929+166,699+61.99
5.icon Youtopia193,137+134,537+69.66
6.icon Ponzi, Inc.253,201+126,088+49.80
7.icon 歡樂癲地 Funland463,766+122,990+26.52
8.icon The Hierarchy671,010+120,246+17.92
9.icon Piou Piou contre les cactus655,362+114,432+17.46
10.icon Ninja Warz284,744+95,929+33.69
11.icon GooBox – Giochi gratuiti196,546+86,858+44.19
12.icon Icy Tower942,282+78,064+8.28
13.icon 魔力學堂Web255,959+77,565+30.30
14.icon Top Fish233,424+63,457+27.19
15.icon Bite Me100,973+62,678+62.07
16.icon Gift Creator690,795+53,875+7.80
17.icon Minigolf Party825,200+53,093+6.43
18.icon BlingTown209,089+48,331+23.12
19.icon Doodle On Your Friends166,138+47,831+28.79
20.icon COLLAPSE!377,941+46,404+12.28

To be clear, before we get started, this list is based on the Facebook applications that grew the most in the past week and now have between 100,000 and 1 million users — this data view lets us see small games that are becoming hits.

At the top we have Ultimate Slot Machines, a gambling-style game from 6 Waves. It made our our overall gainers list on Monday, and continues to do well, having nearly doubled to 889,000 in the past week.

In second place is Playfish’s new poker game, Poker Rivals, which fully launched last week. It has grown from near zero users to 257,000 in this past week.

All in all, the list contains many of the games we saw on last week’s up-and-coming games list, including Ponzi, Inc., The Hierarchy, Top Fish, COLLAPSE! and international titles including 魔力學堂Web,