BlogTV Launches on Facebook

BlogTVBlogTV, a website which allows you to stream yourself 24/7, has just launched their Facebook application. The application brings a lot of the features of the main website to Facebook. There are featured channels, which include Jeff Pulver’s TV show. You can also view each of the live shows that are currently on BlogTV.

In order to gain some traction on Facebook, BlogTV has launched a “Win a trip to the Bahamas” contest for the month of September. The person who is able to attract the most number of visitors to their show within a day will win the trip. The only challenge to winning is that you are going to need to get a camera set up and start shooting. It is great to see another application which has chosen to bring the majority of their features directly in to Facebook.

In order to launch a successful application, I always recommend incorporating as many of your site’s features as possible. BlogTV has done this and in turn have created a great application. The only downside for them is the lack of viral components which will most likely hurt growth. Aside from that this application is great. If you want to watch other people’s web TV shows or want to make a show of your own, go grab the BlogTV application.