CSI’s Anthony Zuiker Explores Digital Interactive Storytelling

CSI creator Anthony Zuiker sees a future in interactive digital publishing. The writer/producer recently released his latest digital book Dark Prophecy: Level 26, which is Zuiker’s second foray into what he is calling the “digi-novel — a fusion of interactive and traditional reading.” Readers can follow the story through film, social media, mobile apps, and the traditional printed page.

He explains his approach in his latest interview with GalleyCat’s Jeff Rivera titled “Hey, How’d You Spin an Interactive Novel from the CSI Brand?”

Zuiker says: “During the writer’s strike, we had some downtime. I always loved the publishing business and so I decided to create Dark Prophecy as a digi-novel. I’ve been so infatuated with technology and I want to incorporate publishing, motion pictures and the social communities wrapped into one experience in terms of the ultra level of convergence in entertainment. So, with the digi-novel there are a couple of things I wanted to accomplish: 1) to be able to read a book cover-to-cover to maintain the traditional experience; 2) With every 25 pages that you read, you would have an option to log into a website, enter a code, and watch a piece of the motion picture footage to sort of bridge you from one chapter to another. There’s about 20 of those in book one; and 3) When it was over with, you’d be able to join the Level26.com social community to have direct access to Anthony Zuiker and have extra content in blogs, profile pages and etc. for levels of engagement.”

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