Crowdstar moves further from Facebook, partners with Tencent and Gamevil for expansion into China and Korea

It Girl developer CrowdStar is bringing its games to China and Korea’s mobile markets, courtesy of new partnerships with Tencent and Gamevil.

Chinese games portal Tencent will release localized versions of Top Girl and Happy Peeps: Tower Town for iOS devices, while Gamevil will localize and distribute Top Girl Android to South Korea. Penetrating these markets can be difficult feat for social developers, particularly because Facebook isn’t  legal in China and doesn’t have much penetration in South Korea. CrowdStar tells us the games will launch in China and South Korea sometime this summer.

Last month, CrowdStar revealed that it was shifting its focus to away from developing Facebook titles and instead working on mobile titles for smartphones, including an exclusive game for GREE’s upcoming mobile platform. CEO Peter Relan made a point of telling us the company wasn’t abandoning Facebook and would continue to support its existing games on the social network. That said, the studio isn’t developing any new titles for Facebook and recently raised $11.5 million to exclusively pursue mobile game development.

The popularity of both iOS and Android devices in these territories makes mobile games a much more reliable way to tap into the lucrative Asian gaming market.  Top Girl seems like a logical choice for a first offering, since the iOS version reached as high as No. 8 on our top free iOS apps list in January and secured the No. 1 spot as the top grossing app in June 2011. Happy Peeps: Tower Town is a less-certain bet, since it launched in November 2011 and hasn’t appeared on any of our top app lists.

This story originally appeared on our sister site Inside Social Games.