How Many Kindle Fires Have Been Sold?

Have you ever wondered how many Kindles Amazon has some? Well, an app developer by the name of David Smith has put some skull sweat into researching this idea, and he’s come up with some rather interesting data.

He doesn’t have any inside data, but he did some digging into the reviews posted by Kindle owners and the pictures they posted on Twitpic. Assuming that Kindle Fire owners are just as likely as Kindle owners to talk about their new gadgets, this data gives us a couple hints on which are more popular. He’s not claiming any scientific accuracy with this graph, but even if it is slightly off the Kindle Fire would still be immensely popular.

Now, we know that Amazon reported selling a million Kindles a week last Friday, so if we cross that figure with his graph then we end up with an interesting estimate. Amazon is selling between half a million and 3/4 of a million Kindle Fires a week. That’s not nearly as much as the iPad, but half a million tablets a week is far more than any other Android tablet.

Apple is estimated to be selling a million or more iPads each week, and that is a figure that most thought no Android tablet could match. But if the above numbers are even close to being accurate then Amazon has done the impossible.