Brand Marketing

CEO of Belvedere Is Championing an “Innovation Revolution”

Belvedere is in an "innovation revolution."

What Marketers Get Paid; Should We Save Ghost Ads: Thursday’s First Things First

Plus, Ryan Reynolds creates advertising's version of Inception.

TripAdvisor Gives Small Businesses a Boost With Self-Serve Advertising Platform

Through the TripAdvisor Media Manager, brands and media buyers will be able to submit their own banner ads directly to the platform.

Ghost Signs, Bygone Ads Painted on Buildings, Are Fading Away—Should We Let Them?

Ghost signs were once brightly painted advertisements, but after years of hiding and neglect, they're disappearing. Artists and designers don't all agree about restoring them.

PayPal Acquires Honey for $4 Billion

Paypal is acquiring Honey for $4 billion and plans on integrating its technology for its merchants.

PopSugar’s Sugar Chalet Is a Curated Winter Wellness Retreat

Spa and fitness events are expected to continue rising in popularity.

Friendsgiving’s Popularity Has More Brands Engaging Consumers Around the Unofficial Holiday

Thanksgiving alternative inspires experiential and social campaigns by brands including Taco Bell, Grey Goose and Sabra.

What the Popeyes Chicken Sandwich Can Teach Us About Going Viral and Connecting With Communities

Fernando Machado, God-is Rivera and Angela Brown on what they learned from going viral at Brandweek.

How CMO Jennifer Breithaupt Built Brand Love at Citi ‘From The Inside Out’

Breithaupt didn’t just rip apart Citi’s past marketing initiatives. She had to get everybody inside the company on board.

Fast-Fashion Is Having Its Reckoning as Consumers Become More Environmentally Conscious

For the increasingly aware consumer, cheap means that someone else is paying: the worker in a sweatshop—or, ultimately, our planet.