Brand Marketing

Facebook: How to Stop Seeing Alcohol Ads

Tell the social network to show you different products instead.

Comic Artists Bring Dreams to Life for Audible’s Release of The Sandman

Digital campaign turns fan-submitted descriptions into personalized art by DC illustrators.

What Going Dark on Facebook Really Means for Your Brand

July has inadvertently become a time to experiment. As marketers, we wonder what impact pulling out of Facebook will have on a brand’s business.

White Castle Just Hired a New Fry Guy—and It’s a Robot

Flippy can deep fry potatoes, but can it save on labor costs?

Verizon Commits to Carbon Neutral Operations by 2035 in New Business Plan

The telecom is also committing to expanding its job and skills training programs.

Apple Makes the Ultimate WFH Ad; The Redskins Are Changing Their Name: Tuesday’s First Things First

Plus, Johnnie Walker bottles… made of paper?

Burger King Wants to Change the Way Cows Eat, Reducing Emissions by 33%

The chain's research, promoted with an ad from Michel Gondry, will be made open source.

After Nearly 25 Years, Ford Brings Back the Bronco

Revealed across Disney platforms, Ford hopes its new Bronco brand lures consumers from Jeep.

Stone’s Upside-Down Labels Aren’t a Mistake. They’re the Brewer’s First Ad Campaign

The company's eye-catching stunt highlights a culture of trial and error.

As More People Shop Online, Bubble Wrap Is Surging in Popularity Again

It can be found in millions of packages as well as the Guinness World Records book.