Brand Marketing

UnitedHealth Group Launches $240 Million Media Agency Review Amid Chaos in Congress

The company recently won headlines for its decision to withdraw from the state-based insurance exchanges established by the Affordable Care Act.

Why Humanizing Your Brand With a First Name Will Resonate With Customers

Jake Hancock, senior associate in Lippincott’s naming practice, points out that first-name brands have increased in prevalence in recent years, helping give companies and their products more authentic, human identities.

Havas Wins Michelin’s $100 Million Global Media Business Away From MEC

The French tire manufacturer cited Havas Media's 'data-driven and content-powered strategies' when explaining the win.

Fruit of the Loom’s New Ads for Breathable Underwear Revel in the Product’s Awkwardness

Please don't talk about it.

84-Year-Old Miracle Whip Just Inked a Sponsorship Deal With an Octogenarian Basketball Team

Members of the San Diego Splash, women's basketball team whose players are all over 80, now have all the salad dressing they could ever want.

Mattel’s Newest Fashion Dolls Are Based on WWE’s Female Superstars

It's impossible to ignore wrestling's impact on American culture so it's no surprise Mattel would want to get involved with the WWE.

How Even Basic Human Connections Can Increase Brand Affinity

How to break through consumer mistrust.

With Its Wall of Honor, Red Wing Is Exhibiting Worn-Out Boots and the ‘Epic Stories’ Behind Them

The shoe company was inspired by true tales from real customers.

Why the U.S. Ad Industry Will Never Regulate Gender Stereotypes

Gender cliches in advertising are now officially a thing of the past ... or are they?

Why Employees Are the Best Link Between Brands and Customers

Peter Mühlmann, founder and CEO, Trustpilot, says brands need to participate in consumer dialogue in order to be a trusted.