Brand Marketing

Away Appoints New CEO Days After Revelations Surface About Its Company Culture

Away co-founder Steph Korey will step into the role of executive chairman as Lululemon's COO Stuart Haselden takes over.

Infographic: What (and Who) Influences Women to Consider New Products

Nielsen looked at how ads influence women to try new products in a disparate age of brand disloyalty.

The Happy Meal Ranks Among the Most Successful—and Copied—Ideas

McDonald's happy meal is an iconic lunch box that provides a special kids meal.

Influencers Created a World Where Normal People With Large Followings Can Hold Sway

Holding influence is no longer just relegated to celebrities, which we can see in normal people serving as influencers.

Samsung’s Smart Refrigerators Now Store Cool World Trivia and Word of the Day

Britannica and Merriam-Webster's new integration feeds the thirst for knowledge through Samsung Family Hub refrigerators.

This CBD Brand Found a Workaround to Instagram’s Cannabis Promotion Rules

CBD brand Recess found a workaround to Instagrams strict cannabis rules: paying consumers to share its post.

Walmart Pulls Cocaine-Themed Third-Party Holiday Sweaters From Its Canadian Site

The sweater featured Santa sitting down to three lines of cocaine, sold by Minnesota-based third party vendor Fun Wear.

Is Tuesday the Best Day to Book a Flight?

We ask the experts about air travel's best known rule of thumb.

Diesel’s New Shirts Cost Up to $5.5 Million, but Each Comes With a Luxury Condo

Diesel, no stranger to stunt marketing, opens sales at its first branded condo complex by selling T-shirts for up to $5.5 million.

20 Heartwarming, Cinematic Ads That Brighten Up the Holidays

A look at some of 2019's top seasonal spots, from Apple to Frito-Lay.