Brand Marketing

Olympic Sponsors May Rethink Marketing to Reflect Current Events After Delay of Summer Games

Brands like P&G and Visa go in big on the Olympics—and they'll be evolving their strategies with the postponement.

ANA Establishes New Coronavirus CMO Coalition

Top marketers from AB InBev, LVMH, PepsiCo and General Motors are taking part.

Brands Can Find an Opportunity During COVID-19 to Channel Their Human Sides

The priority needs to be maintaining strong relationships with both customers and employees.

Challenger Brands Have More Options as Demand for Digital Content in the Tech Age Grows

Brands have more options as demand for digital content continues to grow.

Kantar’s COVID-19 Barometer Examines Impact on Consumer Behavior

The survey provided insights into the role brands play during the pandemic.

Now Isn’t the Best Time for Aspirational Celebrity Marketing

As people across the country continue to suffer, resentment toward tone-deaf celebrities is building.

The Long and Troubled History of Uncle Sam’s Corporate Rescues—Just Don’t Call Them ‘Bailouts’

As Congress prepares $500 billion in corporate aid for businesses decimated by the coronavirus crisis, here's how such bailouts got such a bad rap.

Airline Industry to Get $50 Billion From the $2 Trillion Congress Stimulus Bill

The government will provide $50 billion in grants and loans for the airline industry following the coronavirus pandemic.

Adweek Vocabulary Quiz: Test Your Knowledge of Marketing and Advertising Terms

Just how well do you know your industry jargon?

Diageo Names New CMO and North American President

Debra Crew will be appointed president, Diageo NA, effective July 1. Cristina Diezhandino will be promoted to CMO, also effective July 1.