BTS With Studs: The Gen Z-Friendly Challenger Taking on Claire's

Co-founders Anna Harman and Lisa Bubbers are building more than just an ear-piercing empire

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Studs, the edgy cool ear piercing studio and earrings brand, has been expanding rapidly since its launch in 2019. The startup now counts 22 stores across the U.S., with 10 more spaces in New York City alone planned for 2024.

Offering Gen Z and millennial urbanites an alternative to mall piercers like Claire’s, the brand sets itself apart with its “needle-only method” and signature Earscape stacks, combined with a buzzy retail environment and sleek ecommerce offering.

After getting a taste of the Studs experience herself (along with Adweek’s director of social, Sami Lambert) our community editor, Luz Corona, sat down for a chat with Studs co-founders Lisa Bubbers and Anna Harman.

The duo discussed Studs’ astronomical growth, finding success blending brick-and-mortar experiences with digital ones, and how they plan on disrupting the piercing and jewelry space next.

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