Fanta's Famous Jingle Is Back With New 'Wanta Fanta' Remix

The early-aughts earworm is coming for Gen Z

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The world has changed a lot since the early aughts, but Ogilvy and Mather’s “Wanta Fanta” earworm is still going strong. The fun-loving spirit of the original campaign, first introduced to us by the dance group the Fantanas in 2002, has now been remixed and reimagined for Gen Z.

Embracing enjoyment and pleasure over necessity is the inspiration behind Fanta’s “Wanta Fanta” reprise. Created with Coca-Cola’s global marketing partner WPP Open X, this campaign taps into the original spirit of the 2000s Fanta ads, but with some seriously enhanced VFX for a modernized approach.

The short, directed by Guy Shelmerdine, introduces us to two zoomers entering a bodega to grab drinks. Noting a drab collection of water and tea bottles, they are dazzled by a brightly colored Fanta display. The “Wanta Fanta” remix kicks in as they take big gulps of soda in unison. “Grown-up” activities like studying, doing laundry, walking the dog and even marriage proposals take on a new lens as the pair chooses Fanta. Rounding up the spot, a spaceship full of gray-skinned aliens arrive on Earth, and they also “Wanta Fanta.”

Do What You Wanta

“We created the new platform and work to speak directly to our fans to let them know we see them and hear them,” said Camilla Zanaria, senior director of global shopper and consumer content at Sparkling Flavors, in a statement. “We want to give people permission to carve out more moments for what they want to do.”

The integrated global campaign will be working with TikTok creators who will share content inspired by the remix, as well as launching the “Tell us what you #Wanta?” challenge for fans. Out-of-home efforts will include the Wanta Mobile, an interactive mobile truck experience. In addition to WPP Open X, the campaign is led by Majority and supported by BCW, EssenceMediacom, Goat, Ogilvy, Subvrsive and VML.

“Wanta Fanta is a shout-out to a generation craving more balance and time out for themselves.” said Ibrahim Khan, global vice president of marketing at Fanta. “Walking through the supermarket, we realized the aisles were exploding with functionality. Most products focused only on the physical demands of a Gen Z lifestyle. So instead, we decided to speak to their spirit.”

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