Data 2019

Dynamic Podcasting Promos May Finally Be Nearing a Tipping Point

With recent tectonic shifts in the landscape, the industry may be poised to tackle measurement and scale challenges through dynamically inserted ads.

How 50-Year-Old Fla-Vor-Ice Became an Enduring American Summertime Staple

Jel Sert, the maker of the frozen sugar water in a plastic tube produces 1.5 billion pops a year.

How Possible’s Americas CCO Embraces Her Competitive Spirit

'I like the shared aspect of winning together, Danielle Trivisonno Hawley says.

Leading Women Took the Stage at Adweek’s Women Trailblazers Event

Presented by Kantar at Ogilvy's offices in New York.

Amazon Might Use 3D Body Scans to Customize Clothes—and Also Capture Your Data

Amazon might use 3D body scans to customize clothes—and also capture your data.

It’s Time Brands Add Genuine Consciousness Into Their Marketing Mix

Rather than focusing only on potential profits.

Not All Ad Fraud Originates Overseas. Law Enforcement Is Starting to Look Closer to Home

The myth of the foreign bogeymen defrauding the U.S. ad industry could soon be a thing of the past.

Infographic: Most Consumers Only Consider 2 to 4 Brands When Making a Purchase

Here's how they decide what to buy.

Everything Brands Need to Know About Bringing Their Marketing In-house

Industry execs and experts offer advice on how to get it right.

Martin Sorrell on Challenging the Ad Industry Giants He Helped Create

The S4 Capital executive chairman discusses in-housing, zero-based budgeting and reining in Big Tech.